How to Play a Forehand Loop in Ping Pong – An Important Step to Be a Pro



Forehand loop is an important ping pong stroke that can earn you points . It is a good weapon for all players no matter their level of play. The power and spin that this stroke gives to the ball are unique and powerful. Learning and understanding it is very important for you if you want to make it big in ping

Forehand loop involves the use of your whole body and thus remains strong enough even with a spin. Increasing the spin reduces speed but does not make the forehand loop weak in any way. This loop is characterized by the use of a powerful topspin on a strong forehand drive. Understanding it requires a practical exercise.

Positioning yourself

To successfully make the forehand loop, your body has to be in the right position. The whole body is needed and that is why you have to be standing correctly. Start by keeping your feet apart and slightly exceeding the width of your shoulders. Let the non-dominant foot slightly come to the front and leave the other one behind. Bend your knees slightly and let your weight fall on your feet’s front part. Your upper body should remain relaxed.

After positioning yourself correctly, you will notice that making the needed movements will be easier and faster. Relaxing your upper body makes you move quickly and be able to make the topspin you need efficiently. Returning to the position also remains easy because your legs are positioned in such a way that they can make the front, back, and sideways movements easily.

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The movement

Forehand loop has to be coming from below. That is why you will need to lower yourself a bit and also transfer your weight to the back foot so that it can then be brought to the front one as you hit the ball. Your waist will also have to rotate as you transfer the weight. The shoulders should help in extending your elbow to the back and front for a better and stronger contact of the ball and the paddle. The angle of the bat has to be closed so that you can make enough spin through brushing the ball from its back to its top. The whole motion requires fast acceleration for better results.


Deeper spins require deeper bat angles and cause a reduction of the ball’s speed. You are the only one that can choose on what to prioritize on the most (i.e. between the speed and the spin). The situation is handled and the strength of the opponent’s shot should be considered for the decision.


Follow through is important in this stroke. Your bat should stop at a place in front of your face but not far much across your body. After finishing the stroke, there should be a square angle between your hips and the table.

Perfecting your forehand loop

1. Practice

Practice should be done more than how much you compete. Practicing helps you concentrate on developing your game while competing helps you in concentrating on winning. That is why you should practice the stroke as much as possible, before competing using it. The correct mechanisms should be followed during the practice so that when it comes to competing, you will be able to play correctly through following the mechanisms that you mastered.

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2. Always be ready

To successfully return the ball with a forehand loop, you will always have to be prepared enough. Preparing for the loop starts with you positioning yourself correctly. Always get in position for the loop and remember to return back to position after making it.

3. Involve your whole body

A successful forehand loop must be made using your whole body. The shoulders and hips have to rotate to the back and come to the front quickly for the stroke. The whole process helps in creating the power needed to make a loop that is strong enough. The weight of your body has to be transferred accordingly throughout the whole process of moving.

4. Use one paddle

While still learning this stroke, it is important for you to only use your own paddle. Using different paddles gives you varying feels of the game and ends up making your process of learning difficult. Try to use only one paddle that allows you to play freely and without straining

Forehand loop is a very important stroke in ping pong. Every player should be able to use it freely and effectively. Learning it is important and should be done following the correct mechanisms. This makes learning it easier and efficient. Take your ping pong game to the next level through mastering the forehand loop.



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