How to Curve a Pool Ball Like a Pro: 3 Steps to Make a Masse Shot




Curving a pool ball like a pro requires skill and finesse. One of the most impressive shots in pool is the masse shot, where the cue ball curves around obstacles to pocket the target ball. Here, we’ll explore the technique behind this shot in three simple steps.

Setting up the Shot

Before attempting a masse shot, ensure the cue ball is in a suitable position. Ideally, the cue ball should be close to the obstacle you intend to curve around, with a clear path to the target ball. Visualize the path the cue ball will take after curving and adjust your position accordingly.

Applying Chalk to the Cue Stick

Chalk is essential for a successful masse shot. Apply chalk to the tip of the cue stick, focusing on the area that will make contact with the cue ball. This helps create the necessary friction between the cue stick and the cue ball, allowing for better control over the curve.

Elevating the Cue Stick

To execute a masse shot, elevate the back end of the cue stick to at least a 30-degree angle. This elevation helps create the downward force needed to curve the cue ball. Keep the cue stick parallel to the table surface to maintain accuracy and control.

Gripping the Cue Stick

To ensure a steady aim, rest the tip of the cue stick between your fingers. This grip provides stability and control, allowing you to accurately aim and execute the masse shot.

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In conclusion, mastering the masse shot in pool takes practice and patience. By following these steps and practicing regularly, you can improve your ability to curve a pool ball like a pro. Remember to always respect the rules of the game and enjoy the challenge of mastering this impressive shot.

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